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  • Roz BaconRoz BaconCarpentry Workshop


    Completely satisfied with our website production

    Brian has created a fabulous website that we are very pleased with. He has handled all transfers etc without fuss and have appreciated his professional manner. Overall we are extremely happy with the service he has provided and the product he has created. Many Thanks.

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  • Claire DartsClaire DartsBeauty Salon


    Very professional and very helpful

    From initial consultation to the website going live Brian was very professional and very helpful. The website was designed exactly how I wanted which exactly suited the business needs. Clients have commented on how professional and easy to navigate the website is. It has also increased the amount of client enquiries we have received via the website with electronic bookings.

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  • Julie DeadmanJulie DeadmanHR Services


    Excellent service and highly professional website

    Many thanks, Brian!
    It has been a pleasure working with you and I am delighted with the finished product. I appreciate things weren’t straightforward but nothing was too much trouble! You really have a “customer first” approach which is much appreciated.  I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone looking for a high quality and professional service.

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  • Marianne NightingaleMarianne NightingaleFine & Contemporary Artist



    Having struggled with self-build websites for many years, I decided I needed professional help.  I am an artist, not a technophile!  Brian was extremely helpful, efficient and above all infinitely patient with my requests.  To build a website featuring all my artwork requires a very diplomatic and understanding person as painting is a very personal and emotional journey for each and every piece.  Brian certainly understood what I was trying to achieve and even became involved in naming some of my new Contemporary range of animals!

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  • Mick CardwellMick CardwellStove & Fireplace Centre


    They deliver on what they promise.

    This is a web design company that has been very good from day 1, They have built us a superb website, always answer any questions you may have and very approachable. I look forward to working with Brian going forward. 5 Star Company…

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Outside of the world of web designers, WordPress is probably the best kept secret there is.  WordPress is the world’s most popular platform for building websites and yet the public have hardly heard of it.

But that’s because it does no direct advertising and amazingly it’s free to use.  That means we can keep our prices lower than would otherwise be the case.

Now, you can have a website for your business that you can edit yourself and you can do so without having to use code of any kind.  Being able to move things around on a drag and drop basis is one of the wonders of modern websites.  Because so many websites are based on WordPress means there are companies that write extension programmes for WordPress and many of those are free of charge as well.  It seems almost unbelievable but there is a library available with over  50,000 options. And despite what you may have heard, while templates are available, we don’t use them.  We build everything from scratch That way you get a website that is bespoke – handcrafted for your business.  All of this is possible with WordPress. 

WordPress CMS

If you’ve seen the term CMS – that stands for content management system and WordPress has one of the best in the world and that’s another reason why it’s so popular.  A content management system means you will be able to edit the website yourself without reference to us although we will be here to help should you need us.  You will get full training on how to do it but that training will take under an hour – it’s that simple.

A Major Advantage

There is one other major advantage as well.  This is the fact that lots of designers know how to use it.  That means if, for whatever reason, you needed assistance, you can go to any number of designers who would be able to assist you and it’s up to us to make sure that our service is such that you won’t want to leave us.  Just compare that to a designer who offers you his very own exclusive “all bells and whistles” website and then goes out of business – your options then are very limited.

Now couple that flexibility with fast highly reliable hosting and you will have a website that will do you and your business proud.